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Word clouds

In the past, I have used Wordle which is an excellent tool that allows you to create beautiful word cloud visualizations by pasting a bunch of text or a URL.

However, it looks like the Wordle applet is not working any more. I was looking around the web to find a tool to create some visualizations for this blog. Searching the web for a similar online tool didn’t resulted to an application as  good as Wordle was.

However, I did found WordCram which is based on Processing and allows you to manage a wide range of parameters to create decent word cloud visualizations. You can define any set of colors to draw the words and you can use any font installed on your machine.

A word cloud created using the text of the wikipedia entry ‘tag cloud’ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud


In case someone is interested in create word clouds, here you can  download the tool I used to create this blog’s visualizations which is based on WordCram and Processing . It is a jar file… That means that you need to have Java installed on your machine in order to run it.

If you need the source code, you can download it from here.